Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A gambler's paradise!

Live Blackjack is possibly the best card/casino game on Android at the moment. It is easily amongst the most popular too, and you can see exactly why! With a whole host of features, including a fantastic online game mode, this is a game you will struggle to put down.

The game was developed by Dragonplay; the company developed the only real contender to the title of best card game - Live Holdem Poker Pro. Both games have a real feel of occasion and you need real guile and wits about you to beat your opponents online. The game is also great for honing your skills when it comes down to the real thing on the Blackjack table. Best of all, it's free! What more could you want?!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Classic platforming action with Meganoid!

I've found the new platformer/puzzler game for Android - Meganoid - extremely addictive. The graphics may not be great, and the gameplay may be pretty simple, but this game has exactly what you would require from your typical plaformer/puzzler.

There are a huge 70 levels to complete, and each one has something new to offer, making the player eager to reach it. The retro feel to the game only improves the experience, and the fact that the game is free means that you should not miss out on this. It's the perfect pick-up-and-play game.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The classic RPG I've been waiting for!

It's certainly taken a while. Since really getting into Android games, I've really struggling to get my teeth into a 'proper' RPG on the platform. What exactly does proper mean to me? Hours and hours of gameplay, a huge world, different strategies and characters, secrets, the list goes on. But I haven't been able to find one which really fills the criteria.

That is until now. Illusia, the great new RPG from Gamevil, ticks all the right boxes. Yes the graphics are fairly simple, but in my RPG needs it's all about the gameplay. And the gameplay in this is simply brilliant. This game will quite easily take hours upon hours to complete and there are a whole bunch of secrets to find. It has a great side-scrolling style, and different characters and classes to get to know. Get this now and you will not regret it. If you're an RPG fan of any kind - this is priceless.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Multi-tasking game for Android

I've stumbled across a truly unique game for Android called 4 Tasks. This game requires you really think on your feet and gives your brain a real workout. With 4 different mini games going on at once, you're really going to have to concentrate hard to complete the levels.

I love the replayability and simplicity of this game. It' truly a game you can come back to again and again, and also one which you can play with friends. With OpenFeint scores and achievements, there's every reason to challenge your friends and try to complete everything the game has to offer. Give this a go!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Slime madness!

Games where you begin as a small creature and work your way up to a huge size by eating things, are always going to be great fun - and Slimball Speedway is no different!

This type of gameplay works absolutely perfectly on the Android device. Use your touchscreen to roll your blob of slime towards unlucky people, animals and items in a huge town area. After a while you'll be consuming not only these but houses and trees as well! How big can you grow?

The graphics aren't that impressive, but they don't really need to be. They compliment the gameplay, and the game can be enjoyed by the young and old alike.

The only downside would be that the game needs more levels, but this may well come in time. I'd recommend this game for anybody who needs a fun pick-up-and-play title!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Futuristic Tower Defense!

Robo Defense is easily one of the best Android games on the market. It's been out a fair while now, but if you haven't got it yet I urge you to do so - it's truly brilliant.

Like all the best tower defense games on the PC, this Android game is up there with the best of them. This has a huge amount of maps to explore, enemies to kill and upgrades and secrets to collect, and best of all it's incredibly cheap. You get an awful lot of gameplay for just US$2.99.

The graphics are also very interestingly done, and look very good on your handheld device. The game is also continually being updated, with more features expected soon. Don't miss out! 

Robo Defense - the best Tower Defense game on Android!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hilarious farm game is an instant hit

There aren't many games out there that will make you laugh and keep you interested right up until the very end, but this is one of them. Pig Rush is a fantastic Tablet game. You're aim is to escape the farm as you play as a runaway pig.

There are so many different themes, levels, obstacles and enemies to overcome and enjoy. The music and graphics are also delightful, ensuring that you always have a pleasant gaming experience.

This is truly a game for the entire family. People old and young alike will enjoy helping the little pig flee the farm, and will be impressed by the at times very challenging but very rewarding gameplay. I recommend you purchase this very soon!

Pig Rush - A great game for all the family